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Crimean summer (with a Lower Callovian ammonites), 2001 Alchak section, L.Callovian (near Sudak town, E.Crimea)
Drestchanka stream, Pechora, stratotype of M.Bathonian ishmae Zone Callovian-Oxfordian transitional beds, Dubki section (Saratov Volga area)
Indigirka river, Jakutia (in the right corner - our boat) Black Sea and Karadagh, East Crimea
Rainbow (I was impressed so much :) Ust'-Nera, Jakutia Upper Triassic (Norian) beds, Jakutia
Leshaka Schelie section (Valanginian-Hauterivian), Jatria, Subpolar Ural, August 2001 Small lake in the forest, north of Ryazan District, July 1995
Mt. Etna , Sicily , Italy , September 24, 2002 Taormina , Italy , September 24, 2002

With paleontologist from Jaroslavl, Dr. D.N.Kiselev, Mt. Etna , Sicily , Italy , September 24, 2002

Enna , Sicily , Italy , September 23, 2002
Ionian Sea , Sicily , Italy , September 22, 2002 Lowermost Volgian in the Polevye-Bikshiki section ( Chuvash Republic ), June 2002
Oxfordian clays with concretions at the coast of the Laptev Sea , Paksa Peninsula , northern Siberia Morning sun ( Baidar Valley , Crimea )
Swimming in the cold Laptev Sea Sun rays above Karadag Mountains , Crimea
Grasshopper sitting on the surface of the Middle Tithonian nodular limestones ( Baidar Valley , Crimea ) Industrial landscape of the Saratov
Russian reply to Hollywood ;-) [advertising of the insurance company on the hills near Orenburg ] Studying the Volgian of the Kashpir section [from left to right: Dr. D.N., Kiselev, Dr. O.S. Dzyuba]
Orange lichen on the dolerite intrusion Fight with rifts on the Polovinnaya river, Khatanga depression, northern Siberia .
Cold morning of August, 23 (Khatanga depression, northern Siberia) Evening clouds
and boats of the geological expedition Polar summer (bank of the Khatanga river, northern Siberia )


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